Congress and Exhibition "ENERGETICS IN GLOBAL WORLD"

General Information

June 16, 2010 – June 18, 2010
May 15, 2010
April 15, 2010
Krasnoyarsk, SFU 
(391) 269-56-47, 269-56-57, 269-56-48, 269-56-53 

International Scientific and Technical Congress and Exhibition «Energetics in Global World» will be held in Krasnoyarsk at SFU, June 16-18, 2010. Among organizers of this event are International and as a constituent Russian Unions of Scientific and Engineering Associations, Siberian Federal University, Siberian branch of RAS and Scientific Industrial Enterprise «Radio communication», the Government of Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk region authorities, FEANI, WFEO, executive board of International Award for scientific research «Global Energy», geological and oil and gas deposits development Scientific Council of RAS.

Within the Congress there will be conferences on the following issues:

  • Power efficient and environmentally friendly technologies in the 21st century
    • Electrical and hydropower engineering
    • Heat power engineering
    • Nuclear power engineering
    • Renewable and alternative energy sources
  • Present issues of Russian Fuel and Energy Complex and energy consumption
  • Power efficiency of megalopolis infrastructure
  • Safety and durability of energetic technical systems
  • Energetic resources of the planet
    • Exploration and development of energy sources, interindustry cooperation in decision-making
    • Russia in the global energetic market
    • Power efficiency in metallurgy and mining industry
  • Problems of energy resources production, processing and long-distances transportation
  • High-speed hydrodynamics

Round-table discussions:

  • Issues of energetics and the crisis: economical and social aspects
  • Information technologies in energetics
  • Personnel training in energetics

Congress policy committee is chaired by Nobel and «Global Energy» award-winner, academician of RAS Alferov Zh.I. with cochairmen — Klaus Riddle (Germany), RAS academician, Kontorovich A.E., RAS academician. Congress policy committee constituents as conferences and thematic sections leaders are Ponomaryov-Stepnoy N.N., RAS academician, Sisakyan A.N., RAS academician, Gulyaev A.V., RAS academician, Sui Kuandi, president of EIOC and other outstanding scientists and specialists Organizing Committee of the Congress is directed by RAS academician Velikhov E.P., RAS academician Aseyev A.L. Organizing Committee is also represented by Prime-minister of Krasnoyarsk region E.Sh. Akbulatov, RAS academician Vaganov E.A., director of Association of German Engineers Willi Fuchs, vice-president EIOC Du Sanvan, first vice-president of International Union of Scientific and Engineering Association Sitsev V.M., Chairman of the board «FSK ES» Budargin O.M.


Within the Congress there will be an exhibition on the following subjects:

  • Scientific and technical progress in energetic and power efficiency
  • Investment projects
  • Raw materials
  • Transport and logistics
  • Tools and equipment
  • Environment and industry safety
  • Automation and IT in energetics


Commercial organization representative 500 €
University representative 300 €
Booth booking, 1 sq. m. 110 €


Registration fee includes:

  • organizing committee support
  • organizing committee support
  • hotel booking
  • transportation costs
  • technical support
  • visa support
  • materials of the Congress and Exhibition
  • cultural entertainment event

DEADLINES for submitting the application forms for

participation in the Congress with paper and theses to be published in proceedings April, 15, 2010
participation in the Exhibition (booth booking) April, 30, 2010
participation in the Congress and Exhibition without paper and booth May, 15, 2010


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