I International Scientific Sonference in the framework of the IV International Scientific and Educational Forum "Man, the family and society: history and perspectives of development"

Informatization of education and methods of e-learning

General Information

September 27, 2016 – September 30, 2016
July 31, 2016
August 14, 2016
Krasnoyarsk, Russia 
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Topics of the Conference:

  • Methodology of e-learning
  • Intellectual teaching systems
  • Automated learning system and diagnosis of the learning process and learning outcomes
  • Digital educational resources and the library smart systems 

Forms of participation: full-time, part-time and remote (on-line).

Registration fee

Registration fee covers payment for participation in the conference events and publication of one article in the conference proceedings (ISBN).
Publication in the conference proceedings requires a face-to-face presentation of an article.
Registration fees for
• Russian Federation and CIS delegates 2500 roubles;
• Foreign delegates 100 dollars;
• Students and post-graduate students 500 roubles.
Delegates from CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) may pay a registration fee on arrival at the conference.

Conference participants will be offered accommodation in a comfortable dorm SFU (single, double, triple occupancy, Walking distance from the venue of the event) and in the hotels of the city.