Международная научно-практическая конференция

Модели глобального взаимодействия России и Китая в условиях цифровизации общественных и экономических процессов



Chen Xiaojing. Financial Application and Risk Supervision of Block Chain 

Tong Wei. Financial and Tax Reform and Development of China, Russia and the Countries of Central Asia within the Framework of the "One Belt – One Road"

Vladimir V. Shaidurov. Differential-Stochastic Models in Economics and Management (Mean-Field Games) 


Session 1  "Modeling Processes of Social-Economic Development and International Cooperation Based on Digital Economy Concepts"

Session 2  "Digitalization of Business Processes for Managing Market Positioning of Enterprises in Global Networking"

V. Babenko, Ya.V. Sokolovsky, O.V. Sladchenko, L.N. Abramovskikh. The role of Digital Technologies in Ensuring the Stability of Economic Growth: the Experience of China

E.B. Bukharova, A.V. Grigoriev, V.A. Kureshov. Universities as centers for development new competences and staff potential for cities management under conditions of digital transformation

T.P. Cheremisina. Innovation and digitalization in Russia construction industry

S. Dobronets, O.A.Popova. Numerical Probabilistic Analysis for the Digital Economy

V.S. Efimov. Prospects for Applying  Digital Technologies in Resource Regions (by  the Example of the Krasnoyarsk Krai)

S.B. Globa. Improving Energy Efficiency of Buildings within the Framework of the Complex Approach of the Smart City Model 

F.P.Kapsargin, K.V. Simonov, M.A. Firsov, A.N. Vokhmin. Introduction of Modern Digital Technologies and Research Work in Urology Division of Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Hospital (Krasnoyarsk)

G.F. Kayachev. Entrepreneurship and Business Risks in the Conditions of Digitalization of Financial Systems

L.N. Korpacheva, V.V. Timoshina, A.V.Puzevich, N.A.Morozova, V.V.Timoshina. Optimization of Interdepartmental Interaction of the Municipal Level in accordance with the Concept of «Smart City»

T.P. Malinova, E.P. Sevastianova. New Transactional Mechanisms for  Estimation of Households on Final Consumer`s  Markets: Factors of Promotion and Regional Differences

E.F.Mamedova. Tax Problems of Digital Economy

V.I. Panteleev, P.G.Shvalov. Evolution of Electronic Freight in Russia

N.S. Revenko. Sharing Economy as the Global Digitization Area

V. N. Rutskiy. Prospects for Block chain Technologies in the Modern Economy

M.G. Sadovsky. Modeling Krasnoyarsk Mass Public Transport System in a "Smart" City

V.V. Shaidurov. Mathematical and Computational Models of Enterprise Dynamics in Selection of Alternative Resources

T.V. Zelenskaya, E.V. Titov. Digital Technologies for Creating "Smart" Cities


Session 3 "Modeling Assessment of Resource and Scientific-Technical Potential for Interregional and International Integration"

Faressa Malik. Social and Economic Implications of Platform Business Models - Case Studies of Uber and Careem in Pakistan

I.V. Filimonenko , Z.A. Vasilyeva. Estimation of the Potential of High-Technology Aluminum-Based Productions

Jianbo Wang. Sino-Russian Cooperation in Running Schools

V.V. Pukhova, E. V. Kashina. Foreign Capital In Transitional Period Of Project Financing Of Residential Real Estate In Russia

I.R. Ruiga, M.P. Zemlianko. Investment Opportunities and Risks of Siberian Regions in the Economic Environment of the New Silk Road

V.G. Sibgatulin, A.A. Kabanov, S.A. Peretokin,  K.V.Simonov. Results of Joint Russian-Chinese Studies on Earthquake Prediction (2011-2017)

Tan Xiaofen. Evaluating the Risk of Leveraging in Emerging Market Economies

D.A. Tolstoy, O.V. Alexandrova. Introduction of Smart Technologies in Agro Industry 

N.O.Vasetskaya, V.V. Glukhov. Hidden Resources and Risks of Models of Global Interaction (Cooperation of Research Centers, Universities and Enterprises) in Digital Economy 

Yang Ruicheng. Evaluating Risk Factors for Foreign Direct Investment in Mongolia’s Mining Sector: an Approach of Complex Network

Zhang Jihong. Big Data and Implications for Personal Data Protection Law


Session 4 "Development of Sino-Russian Trading Cooperation based on Technological and Educational Innovations" 

Bai Jie. Study On the Construction and Countermeasure of Cross-border E-commerce Rules

Che Chunli. Study on the Trade Dependence and Division of Labor between China and West Asian Countries

Fu Dahai. Identifying China's Export Opportunities in "One Belt One Road" Countries: Implications for Export Promotion Policy

Guo Xuetang. Trade Protectionism: End of the Era of Economic Globalization?

V.V. Kuimov E.V.Sherbenko, L.V.Pankova. Market Research of Member Countries of the "One Belt and One Road Initiative" Project and Possibility of Export Deliveries of the Enterprises of Krasnoyarsk Krai

S.N. Levin, K.S. Sablin. Interaction in the Frame of One Belt and One Road Initiative as Economic-Political Process

L.I. Podachina, K.M. Arutynuan. International Cooperation and Policy of the Regulation of Employment in Russia and China

O.N. Vladimirova, A.T. Petrova. Innovative Development of Siberian Regions in the Context of Global Interaction between Russia and China

Wu Yingna. Environment Regulation and Low-Carbon Competitiveness of Chinese Industries

Xu Yongan. Research on Cooperation in Agricultural and Tourism Development between The Northeast part of China, Xinjiang and the Far East Region of Russia under the Context of the "One Road, one Belt" Strategy

E.A. Yakimova. Integration of Southern Siberia in the System of International Cooperation as a Result of the Project "Economic Zone of the Silk Road"