The Conference

Sino-Russian Global Engagement Models in the Context of Digitalization of Social And Economic Processes

Requirements to presentation of the Conference abstracts

  • Paper Abstracts and Conference Reports are submitted in English.
  • Paper Abstract should be 1-2 and a Conference Report 4-6 typewritten pages of A4 format  including tables, figures and graphs. The text should be computer- printed in the WORD text editor with the extension * .doc, Times New Roman font, size 14 with line spacing 1; Indentation - 1.25; fields: left, top, right - 2, bottom – 3; full justification; page numbers are to be add centrally at the footer.
  • Text layout. The text is located in the upper right corner right justified, the initials and surname of the author / authors are placed (for example: I.I. Ivanov), next line is in italics: the full name of organization, city. If you are a foreign author ,  please indicate a country. Then 1 line below, align center put the HEADING OF THE REPORT in capital bold. Between the heading and the main text should be one spacing.
  • It is essential to have a reference list. References in the text should be enclosed in square brackets. The reference list is compiled in the order of citation in the text.
  • Figures and graphs should be authored (not scanned), have a clear screen image, including color.
  • Application for participation and Abstracts of Papers   are to be sent to before May, 20th 2018 
  • Papers are to be sent to e-mail:  before September 10th, 2018.

 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject papers that do not meet the purpose of the conference, requirements for papers execution, and also received after 20 May 2018.

Electronic versions of Paper abstracts will be published at the Conference website before the begining of the Conference. 

Conference proceedings will be published in 2018.